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By Jenn Jacques

The Hawk 2015 Gun Survey

Students at Hendrickson High School in Pflugerville, Texas, were recently handed a survey that asked for details about their parents’ political views and whether they keep firearms at home. What was ‘intended to spark discussion’, has instead sparked controversy.

The survey was handed out to about 100 students as part of a journalism class and while it was not mandatory, the invasive questions have raised serious concerns with parents.

“Doesn’t matter if it’s a journalistic survey, it crosses the line,” one parent commented. “This wouldn’t be answered in my home and this is the reason that any poll similar to it is not accurate.”

Radio host and 2nd Amendment activist Michael Cargill applauded the idea of engaging students in discussing the Second Amendment, also saying “[The Second Amendment] is a great conversation for kids to have in the classroom and definitely for journalism because it applies directly to our Constitution … but the questions that concern me are the ones that ask ‘how many firearms do your parents have at home?’ and ‘what political affiliations do your parents have?’ …that’s private,” he said.

“The Hawk 2015 Gun Survey” not only asks for details on possible guns in students’ homes, but also their political affiliation …read more

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