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By Jacki Billings

Hidden Hybrid Holsters pairs kydex with suede for a hybrid take on holsters. (Photo: Hidden Hybrid Holsters)
Hidden Hybrid Holsters entered the scene in 2011 offering a hybrid approach to the holster conundrum. The company started as many small businesses do — the result of high prices and a feeling that the holster industry was missing something.
“Brian Rossow was looking for a quality holster for his every day carry. The holsters that he liked were in the $90.00 to $120.00 range but they did not have exactly what he liked,” Matt Hlava of Hidden Hybrid Holsters told in an email. “He figured he could make a higher quality holster with all of his requirements for a better price.’
Rossow teamed up with childhood friend Dave Kerry in 2009 to being working out ideas for a new company that could provide quality rigs without breaking the bank. In 2011, the work payed off as Hidden Hybrid Holsters made its official debut as a holster maker. Rossow and Kerry poured over the details of their first design spending a year working out the kinks before eventually launching the company’s flagship holster — the Double Clip IWB/OWB.
The Double Clip’s versatile form eventually led the


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