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By Jacki Billings

The Hidden Heat Lace Holster looks to offer female concealers a fashionable means of carry. (Photo: Jacki Billings/
Manufacturers look to cater to women entering the shooting sports through a variety of means, but most notably, the women’s holster market. Filled with lacy, feminine designs, the women’s holster arena often caters to fashion and comfort. Hidden Heat Lace Holster by Miss Concealed is one such holster. A gorgeous lace construction, the Hidden Heat aims for a sexier approach to concealment. got our hands on an original Hidden Heat Lace Holster to see if its beauty could keep pace with function.
What is the Hidden Heat Lace?
Hidden Heat Lace, by Miss Concealed, is a belly band style holster created specifically for women. Occupying the space of fashionable firearm holsters, the Hidden Heat looks to bring femininity into the holster fold with a soft, lacy design.
Using Velcro to secure around the wearer, the Hidden Heat Lace holster comes with a 5-inch firearm compartment to accommodate a variety of firearm sizes. The pocket sports a Velcro retention strap to secure the firearm in place while two additional pockets – situated on either side of the main, firearm area –hold smaller accessories.
The Hidden Heat Lace Holster


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