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By Jacki Billings

Hi-Lux turns 50 this year and in celebration of its anniversary, the company announced a new Automatic Ranging Trajectory riflescope — the Hi-Lux ART M1000-PRO.
Designed with hunters in mind, the ART M1000-PRO is a 2 to 10 power scope offering a HR1 illuminated MOA reticle, available in red or green illumination. Hi-Lux delivers brightness settings that accommodate night vision optics, giving the ART M1000-PRO some versatility in the field. The ART M1000-PRO a hash mark on the vertical and horizontal scale to indicate MOA subtension.
“A longer 2 MOA tick mark indicates multiples of 5 MOA on both the horizontal and vertical scale. The ends of the axes are indicated by a 4 MOA tick mark,” the company said in a news release.
The Hi-Lux ART M1000-PRO is a 2 to 10 power optic with red or green illuminated MOA reticle. (Photo: Hi-Lux)
The scale is designed to be used to both frame and range known sized targets measuring 9- to 72-inches in length or height. Users are able to adjust the magnification which also adjusts trajectory as well as compensating for bullet drop. Total range for adjustments is 90 MOA windage and elevation in 1/4 MOA increments.
The company says the technology helps


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