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By Erich Pratt

Comments from Gun Owners Have Already Fueled Several Pro–gun Victories
People ask GOA all the time: “Why should I bother commenting to an administrative agency? The anti-gun tyrants at the ATF clearly don’t respect our rights, so it’s a waste of time.”
That couldn’t be further from the truth…
Your feedback and grassroots activism can make a MASSIVE difference – and it can even force the ATF to alter their plans for gun control.
For example, the ATF received over 90,000 comments opposing Obama’s green tip ammo ban, forcing them to back down and abandon plans to ban that specific ammunition.
More recently, GOA’s campaign to oppose Biden’s regulation of homemade firearms led to more than 60,000 comments and was impactful enough that the ATF even acknowledged the comments from our members.
In response, they made several concessions in the final rule including:

You do not have to treat magazines, barrels, triggers, and other gun parts like a firearm—including passing a background check and completing registration paperwork during a commercial sale.
You don’t have to register your guns’ parts simply because you Cerakote or paint your firearm.
You also have greater protections when having a gun dealer check out or modify your privately made firearm (the requirement to serialize

Source: Gun Owners of America

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