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By Patriot Outdoor News

I say this story reveals the reason gun control advocates want to take away your guns. They don’t like the way you think. They don’t like the way you talk. They can’t arrest you for that, but with a little creativity, they can arrest you on gun charges (heads-up New York and Connecticut) and throw you in prison for a very long time. And silence you that way.

“Jurors convicted an anti-government activist on firearms charges after authorities said he sought out high-powered weaponry for a coming “second American revolution,” reports. “William Krisstofer Wolf of Montana was found guilty of possession of a machine gun and failing to register a firearm after buying an illegal sawed-off shotgun for $720 from an undercover FBI agent nicknamed ‘Dirty’ in a truck stop parking lot.” It was a set-up. Fair enough, you might say. Under oath, Wolf . . .

acknowledged that he wanted to acquire a flamethrower and spoke of targeting judges, elected officials and law enforcement in an anticipated conflict between the United States and its citizens.

“Once this goes down, once the war starts, I will do everything I can to end the …Read the Rest

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