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By Bob Owens


JUST IN: Democrats staging sit-in on US House floor, reading the names of victims of gun violence – @LukeRussert

— NBC Nightly News (@NBCNightlyNews) June 22, 2016

I’m about to say something that I think will shock most of the world. Vox appears to have correctly noted that the Democrat Party isn’t pushing gun control right now because they believe it will have the effect of saving American lives.

They know for a fact that it won’t.

The political theater of a filibuster in the Senate and a sit-in in the House of Representatives, along with grandstanding by Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden is all calculated towards one cynical political end: protecting the candidacy of Hillary “Benghazi” Clinton from the possibility that Donald Trump’s “build a wall and stop Muslim immigration” rhetoric will resound with American voters, and topple down-ticket Democrats as well, deepening Republican control in the House and Senate.

Democrats have worried that terrorism will help Trump

The possibility that terrorist attacks might shift the electoral terrain in Donald Trump’s favor has been one of Democrats’ biggest worries since he emerged as the presumptive nominee.

In a dream world, of course, Democrats would …Read the Rest

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