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By John Falkenberg

Sometimes, my dog is the absolute worst.

Travel back with me to 3:20 a.m. Monday. I was sleeping like a baby with sleep apnea. At 3:21 a.m. I was up and sprinting to where I store my firearm because my dog who, normally is dead silent at night, starts barking up a storm.

I jumped out of bed, made the step-and-a-half to my T-100, which I’ve put thousands of rounds through. In about four seconds after I woke up, I should have been able to lock my home down — there are faster, but not too bad.

Except my freaking right hand wouldn’t work.

I’d been sleeping on my right side with my hand tucked under my head. It’s not something I normally do, and my right hand was totally asleep. You can wake your hand up pretty quick, but not four seconds quick.

I had to clear my house left-handed with a cocked-and-locked firearm. There’s nothing wrong with that if you’ve practiced working it and moving that way. I’ve shot my firearm left-handed more than a couple times. I’ve never gotten serious left-handed.

Fortunately, my dog was just trying to bait my cat into some wrestling and I wasn’t crippled by my …Read the Rest

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