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By Michael Csencsits

GOA Dominates the News Cycle Against Gun Owner Registration
“It’s because of your support for GOA, we’ve become big enough to cause both sides of the debate to respond the way we want the issue framed.” – Phil Reboli, host of GOA’s “Minute Man Moment” on YouTube
Thanks to your support of Gun Owners of America, you are helping GOA to frame the gun rights issue in news stories from coast to coast.
GOA’s Aidan Johnston appeared on several news outlets, including One America News above, to blast the ATF’s new gun control regulation.
As GOA reported to you recently, the Biden administration produced a final rule from the ATF this month which cracks down on homemade guns and expands the ATF’s illegal registry which has nearly a billion records.
Because GOA was prepared and responded immediately, mainstream news outlets such as The Washington Post, CNN, USA Today, PBS, UK Independent, CBS, NPR, the Associated Press—and even Al Jazeera have been deferring to GOA as the top gun rights organization following this issue.
Not only that, GOA’s involvement has helped drive the discussion among both the Left and the Right.
Senior Vice President Erich Pratt’s piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer prompted an anti-gun response from the Chicago Tribune, and a

Source: Gun Owners of America

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