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By Sean Curtis

The Henry Model X was teased in 2018 but is now finally a reality. (Photo: Sean Curtis/
In 2020, Henry released the Model X which was, quite simply, a tactical lever-gun. Gone are traditional lines and materials in exchange for features more suited to home defense or truck gun scenarios. Want to mount a light? There’s M-LOK for that. Fiber-optic sights? Yep. Picatinny rail? Yep. Threaded muzzle? Hallelujah!
I’ve served in law enforcement for over 20 years and was a SWAT team commander for a while; therefore, the tactical side of my mind runs pretty deep. Appreciation for gear, tactics, and weapons in this field is a well-populated neighborhood in my head, but it’s across town from where the Old West dwells. When the Henry X made its debut, these two worlds collided.
Model X Specs
Compared to a Big Boy, you can see the places where Henry shortened and altered the design. (Photo: Sean Curtis/
I had to stop and give some thought to what it was I was seeing with the X. The departure was definite, but the base of the original weapon was still plainly evident. There was no wood, there was no brass. The checkered, wooden handguard of old was replaced


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