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By Van Harl

Henry Big Boy Silver Rifle

by Major Van Harl
Buy yourself a Henry Big Boy Silver Rifle your great, great, great, grand-children will love it.

Henry Big Boy Silver Rifle
Major Van Harl USAF Ret
Major Van Harl USAF Ret

United States -( We will start off with the obvious fact that the new Henry Repeating Arms, Big Boy Silver rifle, is gorgeous.

I can probably state with some accuracy that John Wayne never used any gorgeous rifles to win the west and save the world.

He used rifles that were practical, that were functionally reliable, service ready, and he used rifles that could endure the hardships of lots of field wear.

Sadly Mr. Wayne one of the great American icons has been gone for thirty seven years and never had the chance to get his hands on a gorgeous Henry Big Boy Silver rifle.

Henry Big Boy Silver Rifle

I would suggest that the Henry Big Boy Silver Rifle would have been and can now be the quintessential cowboy “bling” rifle. The problem is in our current society the word “bling” brings to mind the over the top indulgence of a wasteful society. “Bling” is stuff that you buy and display that is too expensive, too flashy, …Read the Rest

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