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By Chris Eger

A popular bill to remove suppressors from NFA regulation may be blended into an even more popular sportsmen’s package (Photo: Chris Eger/

The sponsor of a bill to drop suppressors from National Firearms Act regulation is looking to fold an improved version of the proposal into a larger sportsmen’s package.
South Carolina Republican U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan currently has 148 co-sponsors on his Hearing Protection Act introduced in January, but on Wednesday proposed at a legislative hearing of the House Natural Resource Subcommittee to add it into his larger “Sportsmen Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act” or “SHARE Act.”
The SHARE Act, an omnibus package of measures to safeguard and expand hunting and fishing rights and practices across public land, has been popular with lawmakers in recent years but, while a similar proposal passed both chambers in bipartisan votes last session, was never sent to President Obama by the lame duck Congress.
Duncan’s new and improved version, a 74-page bill, includes many of the widely supported pro-hunting and pro-sportsman provisions of the past and blends them with the language from the suppressor deregulation bill.
In addition to removing silencers and suppressors from NFA requirements that include a $200 tax stamp, the proposal would mandate the more


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