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By Tom Knighton

One of my favorite phrases from a politician is when they talk about wanting to “start a conversation” on a given topic, like guns. It usually comes from the left, but it’s not exclusive to them, and it usually translates to mean “shut up and let me tell you what to think.”

We know this because of how often people try to silence those they disagree with during these so-called “conversations.”

This is especially troubling when it comes to constitutional rights like owning guns.

Bad as it is, though, at least most of the people trying to drown you out don’t have any real power. Yet when a lawmaker does it, it’s especially troubling, and we live in an era where trying to silence your opponents is a tried-and-true method for far too many people.

The downside for them is that when stuff like this happens, it never looks like an accident.

A Hawaii gun rights group is planning to file an ethics complaint after its members discovered nearly 700 pieces of testimony emailed to a Senate committee were missing from the legislature’s records.

The messages were submitted to the Senate Public Safety Committee’s email address for five bills relating to guns.

“People were …Read the Rest

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