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By Brandon

We posed this question to our Facebook followers a few years ago and were surprised at the responses. It’s no secret that 10’s of thousands of people use their firearms in self-defense each month in the US, so I guess it shouldn’t have really surprised us after all.

The goal here is simple: If you’ve ever had to draw your firearm in self-defense, firing a shot(s) or not, there are surly some lessons that can be learned from each real-life experience that we hear about.

To share anonymously:

Send your story to [email protected] and provide as much –or as little– detail as you’d like. We won’t share your name or any other identifying information.

Tell us what you learned from the experience, if anything. Were you as prepared as you thought you were? Did you feel confident in your abilities to defend yourself?

Why we’re doing this:

Education. Learning. Being more prepared.

Depending on the amount of submissions, we will share them on a regular basis as part of a new series, and then open up a conversation for each real-life scenario for readers to chime in.

This is all about taking information from these stories, and using that information as learning exercises for others who …Read the Rest

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