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By Brandon Curtis

I just bought a wireless charger for my Samsung Galaxy S9+. It’s the 2018 edition.

I bought it because it offers fast charging, as well as a stand to watch videos. It’s also the latest in wireless charging from Samsung, so it’s got that going for it as well.

The phone that it charges is something that we’d only fantasize about 10 years ago, but here we are with them in the pockets of millions. Technology is ever-expanding, and who knows what phones will look like –or how they will function– in another 10 years.

Then, I started thinking about firearms and, in particular, those that are made for concealed carry. My brain threw out the question; Have concealed carry guns run their course?

It quickly became a multi-tiered question.

With technology, many gun owners will only let it go just so far.

A pistol with no electronic components is everyone’s favorite. There’s not going to be anything that could short-circuit or run out of battery life, or not read your fingerprint when you really need it to. The ‘smart gun’ movement has been met with extreme resistance from the firearms community. So without adding electronics to pistols, what else can be done to make them …Read the Rest

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