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By Brandon Curtis

CONYERS, FLORIDA — 21-year-old Alexis Marshall was at a client’s house to cut that client’s hair. However, things changed once Marshall found the victim’s gun inside the home.

It isn’t clear whether the heist was premeditated or not, or if Marshall simply saw an opportunity once she found the firearm. In any event, a firearm isn’t going to help you if its not nearby, and it definitely won’t help you if your attacker steals it.

Local news reports;

The victim said Marshall was at her residence to do her hair. She said Marshall asked to use the bathroom and the victim agreed. The victim stated when Marshall returned, she allegedly had the victim’s handgun and was holding it at her side. The victim alleged that Marshall looked at her and demanded all of her money, which the victim gave her.

How Marshall got the firearm is anyone’s guess, and it almost sounds like it was just sitting out in the open for the picking. Maybe it was inside a drawer, but whatever the case, it wasn’t as secure as it could have been.

After the robbery, Marshall texted a male friend who picked her up in a vehicle. The two drove off …Read the Rest

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