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By Robert Farago

Former Hartford Police Range Administrator Officer Lewis Crabtree (courtesy

I want to make something clear right out front: although Hartford Police Range Administrator Officer Louis Crabtree [above] is innocent until proven guilty, the evidence presented by is overwhelming. I reckon Officer Crabtree stole ammo and, most probably, sold it for cash money. Or dispensed “free” ammo for favors. Or both. For perfectly understyandable legal reasons,‘s report on Crabtree’s perfidy dances around the subject like a newbie shooter with hot brass down her shirt. Like this . . .

The [Hartford City Council’s] audit found that Crabtree, who retired earlier this month, was circumventing the department’s $115,000-a-year budget for the purchase of ammunition, which calls for buying it on an as-needed basis. If more ammunition was needed, Crabtree made arrangements with the vendor to purchase the extra ammunition on an account and pay for it at a later date in a subsequent fiscal year.

This allowed Crabtree to exceed the annual budget without the knowledge or consent of department management, Campbell concluded.

When the practice came to light in October, Crabtree had accumulated an outstanding balance of $186,000, according to the audit.

The audit also found that even though the department had purchased new 40-caliber pistols …read more

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