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By Tim

Last week an interesting story with some important lessons on self defense received significant media coverage:

“When a woman in Charleston, West Virginia, opened her front door to greet a stranger she had arranged to meet through an escort ad she had placed with, she knew instantly she was in mortal danger. The man said just three words – “Live or die” – then held a gun to her stomach…’I was telling him to please just let me breathe, but he wouldn’t,’ she said. ‘He said, ‘I’m going to call the shots and you’re going to be quiet.’ As he was dragging her through the kitchen, she grabbed a rake and prepared to hit him with it. To stop her, he put his gun down, and she pounced. ‘I grabbed the gun and just shot it behind me,’ she said. ‘It hit him.”

When police arrived on the scene they looked in this man’s trunk and found “an array of handcuffs, two axes, a machete, a bullet-proof vest and – the most disturbing items – a shovel and a bottle of bleach.” The man’s exact intentions are unknown, but it’s a pretty safe bet that a guy …read more

Source:: Gun Nuts Media

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