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By Scott Gara

A longtime love of nature and respect for animals is what pushed renown wild game chef Hank Shaw to begin hunting later in life. Growing up in Westfield, New Jersey, his link to nature was born out of fishing and picking wild berries with his mom. It was on the water where he remembered finding his first connection to the outdoors.
“When you’re a really good fisherman you’re not just a guy with a rod and reel. You read land and structure in water, knowing where fish are is what makes you a good angler… similarly my friend could read land the same way. I wanted to do that too,” Shaw told us.
Yet, he wouldn’t start hunting until adulthood. Working as a political reporter in Minnesota, Shaw’s best friend got him hooked when he brought him on his first pheasant hunt. Now, Shaw hunts anything he legally can, from squirrel to woodcock.

“The air is undeniably different out here,” Holly Heyser (Photo: Ben Philippi/
It’s undeniable that the couple who hunts together has fun together (Photo: Ben Philippi/
Like his love of nature Shaw developed a love of cooking early on in life working in restaurants as a line cook. While the two passions


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