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By Robert Farago


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New Hampshire has added Alaska back on the list of states it honors. NH removed them late last year and gave no reason. They didn’t give a reason for adding them back either. They have added Ohio to the list of states they honor. Click here for the change. In other states . . .


Tennessee – Effective May 15. Reworded parking lot storage law so employees can’t fire a person with a permit keeping their firearm in their locked vehicle on company property. They passed the law previously and the AG put out an opinion stating, they would not be breaking a law but an employer could still fire an employee for keeping a firearm company property if it was against their policy. This law change fixed that.

West Virginia – Effective Around June 10. Permit holders can keep their firearm in their locked vehicle on the Capitol Complex. Cleaned up what is considered a Loaded Firearm and carrying a firearm for defensive purposes while hiking in the woods etc. The Governor vetoed Permitless Carry and since the Legislature session ended an override was not possible under WV law. There is a good chance Permitless …read more

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