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By gunwriter The down side to a weapon mounted light is the exact same thing that makes it an asset; it’s mounted to your handgun. This makes finding a holster that will work with your handgun more complicated and, if a weapon mounted light is all you have, it makes it impossible to search the darkness without pointing your gun everywhere you want to look. When should you disobey Rule # 2? Never! Just like the Glock pistol, laser sights, and smart phones, weapon mounted lights are not the end-all, be-all of personal protection with a handgun. They’re nothing more than a tool, which in certain circumstances can be very beneficial to helping you solve a problem. The Three Ls A weapon mounted light should offer no less than 100 Lumens, because you want to put enough brightness in the eyes of a bad guy to make him close them. Lithium batteries should power it because you want them to last a long time. It should have an LED bulb because they’re more resistant to breakage and cast a cleaner beam. And finally – like with a handgun mounted laser – it should offer instant/instinctive activation; you should not have work to …Read the Rest

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