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By Tom Knighton

A gun dealer who follows all the laws and even his gut may well find out that a firearm he or she sold was used in a crime. It’s unfortunate, but it happens. After all, guns trade hands after the initial sale, so even if you do everything right, that gun might still be used for evil at some point down the road.

It’s not their fault in the least.

However, US News & World Report has a story where the Associated Press is absolutely losing their mind over a handful of guns that were used in crimes after being sold by law enforcement.

A yearlong Associated Press analysis found more than a dozen firearms sold by law enforcement agencies in Washington state since 2010 later became evidence in new criminal investigations.

Identifying guns sold by law enforcement and matching them to new crimes required extensive research and dozens of public records requests to individual agencies.

Using those records, the AP created a database of almost 6,000 firearms sold by law enforcement since 2010. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives declined to release tracking information on guns associated with crimes, so the AP collected that information from individual agencies and …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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