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By Kristin Alberts

Unique has been a word tossed around to describe several hunting weapons that find themselves without a category. Weapons like the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow and some big-bore PCP air rifles created their own alt-hunting categories. Now Traditions, the company long known for budget-friendly muzzleloaders and centerfire imports, is the first to carve out a new space with the Crackshot XBR — a rimfire rifle that moonlights as an arrow launcher.
What is the XBR Crackshot?
The Traditions Crackshot rimfire rifle has been around for some time as a single-shot .22-caliber rimfire. It’s the addition of the XBR upper, bolts, and blanks that transform a vanilla rimfire into a spicy new platform. To fully understand the XBR Crackshot, one must first be familiar with Traditions basic rimfire cartridge Crackshot break-action rifle. That single-shot .22 LR wears a light 16.5-inch pencil barrel and weighs just a hair over 4-pounds making it an incredibly lightweight option by itself. It comes with a manual trigger block safety and a built-in extractor.
To make the exciting XBR, the Crackshot rimfire platform gets partnered with an alternate upper and will be selling as the XBR combination. Buyers get a complete Traditions Crackshot rifle in .22 LR, but the star


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