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By Tom Knighton

Years ago, I got into an argument with a guy from Venezuela. He kept talking about how awesome his country was, and I disagreed. I told him where his country was going to end up if it continued its socialist ways.

In recent years, I’ve wondered where that guy is, and have thought if he’s still talking about how awesome Venezuelan socialism is too.

Now, things are bad down there. No doubt you’ve all seen the reports. You’ve all seen the stories about what all Venezuelans are eating because they have nothing else to eat. It’s very ugly.

A former minister of the South American nation says what happens next will be up to the “guys with guns.”

Venezuela is on the brink of a lasting change, according to Latin American leaders gathered at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos.

The South American country is embroiled in fast-moving political crisis, after an opposition leader stood in the streets of Caracas on Wednesday and declared himself as the rightful interim president.

A flurry of world powers, including the U.S., immediately backed Juan Guaido, prompting a furious response from President <a target="_blank" href="" …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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