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By Jacki Billings

The RevX is available in host of color and stock options. (Photo: Gunwerks)
Gun maker Gunwerks announced the official launch of the RevX rifle, now available through select dealers.
Chambered in a bevy of calibers to include 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm Rem Mag, 28 Nosler, 300 Win Mag, 300 RUM, 22-250, 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC and 30 Nosler, the RevX comes in three color options, including sand, tungsten and graphite black. Stock options are also aplenty with shooters having their pick from dark grey, forest, tan black and orange.
The RevX rifle was designed from the ground up with “affordability and performance in mind,” according to the company. Each rifle is hand built and live-fire tested in order to confirm each individual gun boasts precision. In addition, ballistic data for each specific rifle is collected.
The gun touts an array of caliber options for shooters. (Photo: Gunwerks)
Gunwerks says its team has worked tirelessly to streamline and improve the rifle’s design, supply chain and manufacturing to ensure more bang for consumers’ bucks.
Every RevX ships ready to shoot out to 1,000 yards right from the box. Shooters are encouraged to select and mount an optic utilizing the included scope rings, then follow that process up by creating a


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