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By Ammoland

Robar Guns Custom Glocks

By John Farnam

Robar Guns Custom Glocks
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( Writers’ Conference, Gunsite:

Vicki and I are here at Gunsite this week for a Writer’s Conference, hosted by Robar:

Some things I learned:

Fifty percent of Glock owners who send their pistols to Robar for coatings and other work ask that the front of the trigger-guard be rounded off.

Ninety percent of Glock owners want finger grooves on the front of the grip removed!

Owners who wear gloves routinely ask for an aggressive texture on gripping surfaces of the frame.

Robar makes “Trifit” rubber inserts for the rear of the Glock grip. Popular with many.

Glock triggers by Overwatch Precision are most popular, particularly the “Falx” trigger model. Movement between take-up and break is blended into one smooth stroke. Five to six pounds. On a serious gun, you wouldn’t want it any lighter! See them at

Jeff Gonzales
Jeff Gonzales

We spent the day with friend and colleague, Jeff Gonzales. Jeff is an intense (but wonderful) instructor, and …Read the Rest

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