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By Ammoland

Uber Driver Stops Shooter
Uber Driver Stops Shooter

Buckeye, AZ –-( Did you see the story about the Uber driver who shot a man in Chicago’s Logan Square on Friday evening, April 17 2015.

The story blipped across newspapers and TV screens on Monday, but little has been heard about it since.

The unidentified driver of an Uber rideshare car was parked when he saw a young man across the street open fire on a group of pedestrians. The Uber driver jumped from his car and fired at the attacker, hitting him in the legs and back. No one else was injured.

This is exactly the sort of story that Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America founder Shannon Watts keeps insisting never happens.

That it happened in Chicago, where until recently, thanks to multiple lawsuits from citizens and rights organizations, possession of a handgun in one’s own home, much less out on the street, was totally prohibited, adds another interesting angle to the story.

The fact that the hero in this story was one of the few who have successfully gone through the complex, expensive, and invasive process of acquiring the necessary government permission slips to legally carry the gun, and that he actually …read more

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