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By Brandon Curtis

ANDREWS, TEXAS — Leave it to a state such as Texas to have not one, but two armed citizens intervene during a time of crisis.

That’s what happened in the parking lot of a Post Office (we’ll get to this later) Tuesday evening when 21-year-old Cruzito Gutierrez got into an altercation with a woman.

During that altercation, police say Gutierrez stabbed the woman “in her right side above her waistline.” After she was stabbed, she ran across the street looking for safety.

Two witnesses, both licensed to carry firearms, aided the woman by holding Gutierrez at gunpoint until police arrived.

The woman was taken to the hospital, but her condition was not immediately known.

The two armed citizens showed great restraint with the suspect, and successfully ended the attack that could have turned deadly in a hurry.

But there’s one important thing that we need to take a look at here, and that’s the fact that this took place on property owned by the post office, which all of us know (or should know) is a gun-free zone.

Yes, even the parking lot.

Now, I’m with you in your thinking: “The guy …Read the Rest

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