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By Salvatore

I used to be one of those guys who slept with a handgun right next to me on the night stand. Then I had kids. Having children in the house changes everything, including your gun habits. At least it should. Even if you do not have kids of your own, you may on occasion host others with children, or even other adults that are not trustworthy. Generally speaking, I am a reformed man in terms of leaving un-attended firearms about. Here is my policy: Any firearm that I own is either physically on my person or locked up and inaccessible to unauthorized users. No exceptions. This is the only way to responsibly maintain your guns. The issue that plagues many, however, is balancing the necessary safety with quick accessibility in case you actually need your gun to defend the home. Here are some suggestions for striking this balance.

Home Carry

The optimal place to store a home defense gun when you are awake is on your body. It is that simple. We tend to relax and certainly shut the world out when we are at home. Even most folks who carry a gun when in public put the gun away when in …Read the Rest

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