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By Robert Farago

Level 2 retention holster with GLOCK19 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

In the latest edition of Guns magazine, Massad Ayoob offer some cautionary tales of open carry gone wrong. They’re not very many and they’re not very convincing. The gun guru only provides one clear example of a gun snatch from an average open carrier. The bad guy shot and killed him with his own gun. That said, the owner chased the gun thief. While Mas studiously avoids taking a position on open carry, I’m all for it. Open carry is a deterrent that normalizes guns, which protects our gun rights. Here are three ways to limit the danger associated with open carry . . .

1. Don’t do it all the time

There’s a time and a place for open carry. I’m not speaking here of your legal rights. I mean in terms of when it’s dangerous for you to do so.

Walking down main street in broad daylight? Go for it. Your local grocery store or Target? No problem. The biggest “threat” you face in these sorts of situations: an unpleasant encounter with a gun control advocate or curious cops. Walk away from the former, be respectful and careful with the latter.

Open carry requires more situational awareness than concealed carry, but …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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