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By Robert Farago

Shooting a gun – while standing still without facing incoming fire – isn’t complicated. There are four basic components: stance, grip, breathing and trigger control. Yes, but – that’s a bit like saying playing the blues isn’t complicated. Even non-musicians can master the three-chord blues progression in minutes. Playing the blues, however, takes a lifetime to master. To begin the journey to firearms mastery, a new shooter needs to know one thing: learn the four rules of gun safety. After that, there is an important principle to keep in mind, one that will save you time and money and help you avoid frustration . . .

Any bad habit you develop will take a thousand rounds to “unlearn.” To re-program yourself to shoot correctly, instinctively. And that’s the goal: to shoot properly without thinking about it. So you can concentrate on other skills, such as, I dunno, hitting the target. Or learning to shoot accurately on the move, which is critical to armed self-defense.

I repeat: if you start shooting with a lousy stance like the girl above, it will take you a thousand rounds to completely eradicate your natural desire to lean …Read the Rest

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