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By Robert Farago


TTAG reader PS writes:

Several years ago my then seven-year-old daughter was staying at my parents’ home. She came wide-eyed down the stairs. There was a gun in her room! Seeing a teachable moment – as our President would say – and wondering what the heck my dad was doing, I asked my daughter to show me . . .

It was a .30-06. I made a mental note to have a word with my Dad. Meanwhile, I took the time to re-introduce my daughter to the four rules of gun safety. I showed her how to pull back the bolt and check if the gun was loaded. It wasn’t. I thanked her for instinctively knowing the first rule for a young child: don’t touch the gun, leave the area, tell an adult.

My daughter listened, but clearly she wasn’t comfortable with her first up-close-and-personal experience with a gun. How to change that? I decided it was time to slowly introduce her to guns, for her own safety and future enjoyment. And to explain the importance of our Second Amendment protected gun rights.

About six months later we were in New Hampshire. We visited SIG SAUER’s company store. It was paradise from my point …read more

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