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By Robert Farago

This video illustrates an important indeed life-or-death point we’ve made in this series numerous times: moving is your first priority in a self-defense situation. If you don’t “get off the X” (as the gun gurus like to say), X marks the spot. The place where you, the target, can be taken out. Stay on the X and the bad guys will thank you – in their own special way – for not forcing them to have to work so damn hard to kill you dead. To move instinctively – which is the fastest way to do anything – you have to overcome . . .

the natural urge to stand still.

That’s because the common adrenaline-fueled reaction to life-threatening danger is a not “fight or flight” response. It’s “fight flight or freeze.” Freezing is a strategy for hiding in plain sight and calming predators. Predators look for movement. Predators attack movement. Sometimes freezing works. Sometimes it doesn’t. The depends on the predator, the environment and blind luck. Which is a matter of prayer, not self-defense.

Anyway, most people freeze. But not you. You empty your gun of ammo and practice drawing your gun from concealment and …Read the Rest

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