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By Sara Tipton

Sara's beloved (courtesy

As you may know, I’m living on my own in California until my house sells while my husband works in Wyoming. When our son turned three years old, my husband made the drive back to The Golden State. We’d made plans on the phone and I was expecting him on Friday around noon. However, his boss ended up letting him off work early so he could come see us. He decided to surprise me . . .

After falling asleep around 9:30, I woke up at just after midnight to the sound of my front door opening. My husband wasn’t supposed to be home until noon. I immediately reached for my gun on the night stand. As I was preparing to switch on the light, I recognized his footsteps.

“SARA! It’s me! Don’t shoot me!”

I put the gun down and went to greet him. He made the right decision identifying himself, even at the risk of waking our kids.

I’ve heard tragic stories of people shooting their loved ones by mistake. I’ve also read articles about drunk people entering the wrong house and paying for their mistake with their life. As gun owners we can assume that a stranger in the wrong place …read more

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