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By Robert Farago


The biggest danger when handing someone a gun: they’ll pull the trigger, straight away, before the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction. Time and time again, I see people taking hold of a handgun and immediately placing their finger into the trigger. Preparing for the Texas Firearms Festival, a taciturn GLOCK rep brought out some of Gaston’s gun for jobbing journos. He handed the firearm to the scribes in the manner pictured above. Genius! There’s no way for the recipient to grab the trigger (it’s facing inwards) and it forces them to think. Not to mention bring their weak hand into play. Obviously . . .

it’s always best to hand someone a gun when it’s unloaded with the action locked back. If I hand someone a loaded gun, I always point the gun downrange and always say “it’s loaded.” Anyway, I reckon this technique is the best way to transfer a handgun from one person to the other: grip facing my own body, action open. That’s the ways I do it now. You should too. Or am I missing something?

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