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By Robert Farago


Scott Polk [via] writes:

Concealed carry is a hot topic among gun people. Mimimim acceptable caliber, recommended gun size and model, best holster type, appropriate self-defense tactics, the need for a back-up gun or spare magazines – it’s all up for discussion. A new shooter can find this debate – and the resulting advice – confusing. In fact, there are a lot of concealed carry myths that are repeated endlessly by the firearms fraternity. They need calling out; these ideas put people’s lives risk. Here are my top six call-outs in no particular order . . .

1 – You Can’t Carry A Full Size Gun

Many “experts” will say you can’t concealed carry a full-size firearm. It’s just too heavy and cumbersome. You’ll eventually give up and end-up carrying nothing. You need to carry a compact or pocket pistol! The truth is you can carry whatever size gun you are comfortable carrying that you can conceal effectively. That might be a full size 1911 or a pocket 380.

Your choice depends on a number of variables, including your hand size, your preferred gun type (revolver or semi-automatic) and caliber, the kind of holster you use, your job, …read more

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