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By Robert Farago

As someone who carries a 41-ounce handgun, take it from me: #beltsmatter. Not only do I have to use a belt that’s stiffer than a quadruple shot of whiskey, I have to cinch it tighter than Sinbad Jr. facing a pack of pirates. In fact, I couldn’t carry my Wilson without a top notch (so to speak) gun belt. To lessen the wear-and-tear on my midsection, I’ve taken to donning a Tommy John always tucked undershirt; it makes drawing from my K-Rounds OWB holster a lot smoother and helps maintain blood flow to my nether regions. Highly recommended. The T-shirt, not my nether regions. Anyway, a good carry system needs a solid foundation: a proper gun belt. The definition of proper being . . .

the stiffest belt you can stomach (literally). Consider a Kydex-reinforced belt; they’re hideously expensive and worth every penny. Also buy a belt that offers as much adjustment as possible. There will be times when you’re carrying a gun in a holster attached to your belt, and times when you’re not. Regardless of the size, weight, …read more

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