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By Chris Eger

The new Indian-made Webley MKIV Pocket Revolver. Coming to the U.S. soon? (Photo: Webley & Scott)
Webley & Scott, formerly of Birmingham, England, has been rebooted in India this month, with a new plant in Lucknow making shotguns, handguns, and airguns.
The first offering from the reborn company will be a line of .32 S&W-chambered top-break double-action revolvers with the first batch hitting dealer shelves on the subcontinent in April.
Similar to the storied WWII-era Webley Mk IV .38/200 service revolver used across the British Commonwealth from the 1930s through the 1960s, the new revolvers are also dubbed Mk IVs, although they have a noticeably shorter profile.
The original Mk IV, seen here from the Vault, was 10.25-inches long overall with a 5-inch barrel. Chambered in .38/200, they are commonly used in the U.S. with .38 S&W ammo. (Photo:
Webley & Scott of India is set to produce two versions of the reimaged Mk IV, dubbed the Pocket and a slightly taller Overhand Pocket, with 3-inch barrels and an overall length of 7- and 7.5-inches, respectively.
The new Webley & Scott Mk IV, of Lucknow.
Why the lilliputian caliber when the original .38/200 is often seen as anemic these days? Handgun ownership in India is


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