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By Cam Edwards

Back in 2016, California gun owners had a name for a sweeping anti-gun ballot initiative pushed by then-Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom: “Gunmaggedon.” Today, Newsom unveiled its sequel, signing more than a dozen gun control bills into law Friday afternoon. “Gunmaggedon II” imposes new restrictions on firearm purchase, dramatically expands the state’s “red flag” law, bans gun shows from taking place at a state-owned facility, and more.

“This continues California’s leadership in terms of gun safety,” Newsom said at a state Capitol bill signing ceremony.

The measure restricting purchases, SB 61, prohibiting Californians from buying more than one semiautomatic rifle per month was one of three gun bills by state Sen.Anthony Portantino (D–La Cañada Flintridge). It also bans the sale of semiautomatic centerfire rifles to people under the age of 21, removing a provision of the law that allowed younger people to buy such weapons guns if they have a hunting license.

The state’s “red flag” law, meanwhile, will now allow almost anyone to petition courts to take away someone’s firearms.

The law currently allows law enforcement and family members of troubled individuals to ask the courts to issue a “gun-violence restraining order” that takes away their firearms, but the measure …Read the Rest

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