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By John Falkenberg

LOS ANGELES, CA — In a bloody firefight, a store owner who stepped in to defend a store worker being attacked by multiple robbery suspects was killed.

The store owner entered the main area of the building from the back after she was threatened by two armed robbers, according to My News LA.

The owner, who has since been identified as 61-year-old Carlos Martinez, engaged the two in gunfire — a brave move.

He was struck, however, several times, and he died for defending his employee and property.

Both robbers in the store fled, but one, being hit, died at the hospital.

The surviving suspect was arrested, but that’s not all. According to My News LA, “police are now looking for a third suspect, Los Angeles Police Department Deputy Chief Phillip Tingirides told reporters at the scene, although it wasn’t immediately clear how the third suspect was involved.”

Now, this is an awful tragedy, but we can’t forget what happened here — a store owner defended his property and employee.

He may have died, but the fact is he stood up for what is right — in southern Los Angeles, California, no less.

Now there’s a lesson to be learned, here.

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