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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

The GunBox RFID Wristband

By John Crump
John reviews the GunBox 2.0 gun storage system, that claims to be the first truly smart bio-metric firearm safe.


The GunBox RFID Wristband :

When the GunBox 2.0 arrived it was in a huge white box. I opened the box to find the GunBox 2.0 in the middle of a foam cut out. Also in the box was two credit card size key cards that can unlock the box like a key card a lot of companies use. Using RFID these cards will open the handgun safe. This makes opening the Gun Box 2 quick and easy.

Also inside the box is two RFID key fobs that will also open the Gun Box 2. This gives you a second way of accessing your firearm. There are other RFID devices that can be ordered with the GunBox 2.0. On their website, you can add a RFID wrist band and even a RFID ring to open the handgun safe. This eliminates the need to do anything other than touching the sensor.

If you don’t want to use the RFID method to open the GunBox 2.0 you can easily use your fingerprint. This is the …Read the Rest

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