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By Robert Farago

Back in the day, I worked alongside Katie Couric at CNN. Ms. Couric was the producer for husband-and-wife anchor team Don Farmer and Chris Curle. Farmer was a blowhard. Curle was a you-know-what in heels. Both of them treated Ms. Couric (and everyone else) like dirt. How Ms. Couric maintained her cool is anyone’s guess. While her good looks certainly didn’t hurt, I reckon Ms. Couric’s intelligence, professionalism and persistence was the key to her meteoric rise in the mainstream media. That and . .

her ability to personify Oprah-like empathy with “the common” man. That’s her shtick: smarts and heart.

Unfortunately, Ms. Couric — now blessed with enough money and fame to do whatever the hell she wants — has decided to become a spokesperson for gun control. Sorry. As she points out in the beginning of her interview with Stephen Colbert, that phrase “makes people freak out.”

As well they should. The “conversation” she seeks to engender leads in only one direction: civilian disarmament. Or, at the least, more dilution of Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

Ms. Couric attempts to pacify [vaguely] pro-gun rights folks by arguing that “universal background …Read the Rest

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