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By Lauren Young

Auto-Ordnance Squadron Angle

Auto-Ordnance Squadron Lead

Auto-Ordnance is no stranger to historic firearms. Part of the Kahr Firearms Group, you probably know the Auto-Ordnance name because it manufacturers world-class Tommy Guns. But the company also creates quality 1911s, and it recently unveiled a line of special-edition 1911s that should interest all the history buffs out there. Models include a casehardened 1911 with “U.S.” grips as well as Fly Girls, Victory Girls and Squadron variants. I recently got my hands on the Auto-Ordnance Squadron for testing at the Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous in Montana.

Auto-Ordnance Tanker Thompson, Thompson M1, World War 2, release


Thompson Auto-Ordnance Unveils WWII-Themed Tanker Thompson

The Auto-Ordnance Squadron features striking attention to detail. You’ll find custom-engraved panel lines and small dimples that look like rivets along the slide and frame, giving the gun a pieced-together appearance like a World War II fighter plane. The detailing on the checkered wooden grips makes them look nearly identical to those found on original M1911A1 pistols carried by U.S. soldiers. You’ll also …Read the Rest

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