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By Denis Prisbey

Winchester's 1873 loading gate proved easy to load.

Winchester's 1873 Carbine brings back the popular saddle ring.
Winchester Model 1873 right side.
The Winchester 1873 features a sliding dust cover.
The ladder rear sight proved accurate during testing.

Remember the 2003 film Open Range Robert Duvall starred alongside Kevin Costner, who also served as the director and the main ramrod behind the film adaptation of Lauran Paine’s 1990 novel The Open Range Men. Along with having an amazing cast, the film had several noteworthy scenes, including a final shootout ranking high in the history of Westerns.

Winchester Golden Spike


The New Winchester Golden Spike Rifle Is Transcontinental Glory

Guns were obviously central characters in all of the drama. You’ll see a Remington Model 1875 and Colt Model 1873 Singe Action Army revolvers, not to mention a few coach guns and …Read the Rest

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