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By Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta

Steyr Pro THB

Steyr Pro THB

Since 2008, the Steyr SSG 08 has been considered one of the best sniper rifles available at any price and one of the most accurate factory rifles ever made. For users who didn’t need the gun’s superb aluminum folding stock, Steyr Mannlicher designed the SSG 04, which offered the same barreled action on an adjustable fiber-reinforced stock. The gun lost some of its ergonomics and glamor, but its legendary accuracy was unscathed.

Steyr SSG 08 A1 rifle


Steyr SSG 08-A1 Review: The SSG 08 Returns Almost a Decade Later

Steyr then recognized some aficionados and small law enforcement agencies needed an accurate SSG-type rifle at an even more affordable price. So the company introduced the Pro THB (Tactical Heavy Barrel). This fantastic rifle is priced competitively with other varmint and tactical rifles from American manufacturers but adds many of the advanced SSG 08 features in a lighter, simpler design.

Now Steyr is offering a new Pro THB in 6.5 Creedmoor with either a short 20-MOA …Read the Rest

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