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By Mike Detty

Ruger PC Carbine Shoot

Ruger Precision Rimfire Left
Ruger Precision Rimfire Right
Ruger Security-9 Shoot
Ruger Security-9

As I drove under the raven gate at Gunsite Academy, I thought to myself, “These are the kind of events that make being a gun writer worthwhile.” An invitation passed from Ruger to one of my editors ended up in my lap, and I jumped at the chance to go.


Jeff Cooper Would Definitely Approve of the Ruger Scout Rifle

“We’ve introduced at least 40 new products a year for the last few years,” said Paul Pluff, Ruger’s public relations manager. “Ruger does new product launches differently from most manufacturers. We try to have between two and 10,000 of the new products ready to ship to distributors before we make the announcement.”

Ruger Security-9

First up was the new …Read the Rest

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