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By Dan Zimmerman


By Marlon Knapp

Working in a gun shop, you get to interact with people at all levels of firearm experience. Most times the interaction is pleasant for all involved but other times…well, you get where I am going with this . . .

When we get upset or possibly bark at you for an infraction of our safety rules, it’s not because we are “power hungry safety nazis.” It’s because we may not know you and we certainly don’t know your intentions. One of the more sphincter-clenching moments for an employee of any gun shop is when a customer unexpectedly reaches for their concealed firearm to “show us” something or ask us a question.

Recently a customer attempted to pull his firearm from its holster to show it to me and see if I thought he got a good deal. As he was attempting to draw the firearm from the holster, I had to give him two sharp verbal warnings to STOP (read: I yelled at him). Once he realized I was mid-draw with my firearm and I was deadly serious, he allowed me to walk him through the proper steps.

Of course, if you know in advance you’re going to have the good …Read the Rest

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