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By Dan Zimmerman


“(W)e don’t control how other people are offended…There are a lot of things that offend me in America, and I just have to deal with them.” That’s the owner of a new gun store in tiny St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin. A town where they got trouble. Right there in river city. And it has nothing even remotely to do with pool. The issue that’s riling the populace is the store’s name: F-Bomb Ordnance opened up on Main Street where everyone – even children! – can see their signs. At a city council meeting, Amy Klein – between whiffs of smelling salts – objected to the store’s phraseology: “The innuendo around it is enough that it really lowers the standards in this community…I just think that we as a community need to hold ourselves to higher standards.” . . .


“It just reflects such an inconsistency with what we want our community to be,” said Klein, who has lived in St. Croix Falls for 13 years.

F-Bomb isn’t giving any ground, though.

“We don’t think it offends the morals and decency of the community,” co-owner Dr. Geoff Gorres said. … “We won’t be changing our name,” he said. …read more

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