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By Tim

Photo courtesy of WDTN

Photo courtesy of WDTN

Gun control is holding your weapon properly with two hands and practicing gun safety at all times.

A man in Ohio had to learn the hard way on the proper handling of his pistol.

WDTN reported that a man told police he accidentally shot himself while he was testing a gun.

“Police responded to Miami Valley Hospital around 2 p.m. Saturday to check on the condition of a 36-year-old patient with a gunshot wound.

The patient told police he bought a handgun for $150 earlier in the day and wanted to test it to make sure it worked. He said he went to the back of Norris Drive, jumped a fence, and then walked into the woods near a creek. He told officers he wanted to get away from people so he could test the gun.

He said he loaded the gun, but at one point it jammed and when he tried to get it unstuck, he accidentally shot himself. He told police it startled him and he threw the gun in the creek. The victim said he ran to his sister-in-law’s house nearby and she called his wife. His wife then drove him to the hospital.

The victim’s injuries were …read more

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