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By R. Erin Lenth

NEWTOWN, CONNECTICUT — The Newtown Action Alliance, a group formed in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting and “dedicated to reversing the escalating gun violence epidemic,” issued a letter to the Connecticut Food Association (a trade organization that represents 240 companies in Connecticut), urging them to prohibit firearms on their premises.

Referencing an incident in January, in which an overly-concerned customer at a local Caraluzzi’s Market saw a law-abiding citizen open-carrying and created a public outcry, calling for residents to boycott the market, Newtown Action Alliance chairperson, Po Murray said that “no one needs to carry guns while they’re shopping for bread and milk.”

The letter, written by Rep. Elizabeth Esty (D-CT5) read, in part: “There is simply no reason someone would need to bring their gun with them in order to purchase milk, bread, or other necessities at a grocery store. Customers should feel safe while shopping, and employees should not be fearful while doing their jobs.”

Clearly, these people have never heard of Laurel Teer or any of the countless others who have been assaulted or killed while shopping, some of them perhaps for bread and milk.

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